CPLAT_Mac II 2.0 now available

NOTE: CPLAT_Mac supports Intel based Macs. Beginning with CPLAT_Mac II 2.0 XCode 2.1 projects are included to support building of Universal Binaries for MacOSX*.

CPLAT_Mac II is a MacOS only version of the CPLAT II cross-platform framework for users who need a low-cost C++ application framework for doing MacOS development. You can upgrade to the cross-platform CPLAT II framework at anytime if you decide to make your application cross-platform.

Unlike other frameworks that emulate the appearance of the underlying OS, CPLAT_Mac uses the native UI controls of the underlying platform.

In addition to using the native OS controls, CPLAT_Mac provides accessors to allow you to get the underlying OS object and make direct calls as necessary to add features that you might want for a particular platform.

CPLAT_Mac provides classes and access to the following OS specific features:


CPLAT_Mac can be built using the following supported compilers / build systems.


When you register for CPLAT_Mac, you will receive the following as part of the complete CPLAT_Mac package.

*CPLAT_Mac has not yet been tested with the Developer Transition Kit.