Full Terms and Conditions of Use, September 2005

These terms and conditions supersede any and all previously published terms and conditions, and apply to all versions, past, present and future, regardless of release status.

1. Upon registration of CPLAT_Mac II, you will be given the URL and password to the site where you can obtain the full CPLAT_Mac II archives.

2. Registration entitles the user to download further updates, bug fixes and enhancements when they become available, free of charge.

3. You may freely develop applications, plug-ins, or other binary packages built with a registered version of the CPLAT_Mac II framework, and distribute these binaries without any further licensing fees or charges. These binaries can be used in commercial, shareware, freeware or in-house applications.

4. You may not give, sell, or otherwise release the CPLAT_Mac II source code to unregistered sources. Each developer or other user of CPLAT_Mac II, must have individually registered versions of CPLAT_Mac II, unless the developer or organization is using a site license to CPLAT_Mac II.

5. The CPLAT_Mac II source code may be modified as necessary for your private use, but may not be redistributed in this or any form. If you want changes to be permanently made, you may request that they be incorporated in a subsequent release.

6. The CPLAT_Mac II source code, associated code and documentation remain the copyright of the author, Ken Stahlman.

7. Applications and other binaries built with registered versions of CPLAT_Mac II are not required to give any credit or other indication that they were built with the CPLAT_Mac II framework, unless the author of the work so desires.

8. The author, Ken Stahlman, cannot be held liable for any damage or other mishap arising out of the use of, or inability to use CPLAT_Mac II. Additionally, the fitness of CPLAT_Mac II for any purpose is not warranted.

9. Binaries built with the trial versions of CPLAT_Mac II, must not remove or alter the startup screen indicating that the application or other binary has been built with a trial version of the CPLAT_Mac II framework. In addition binaries using a trial version of the CPLAT II framework are only intended for evaluation purposes, and may not be distributed.

September 19, 2005