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CPLAT_MacOS Documentation


The CP_NibXML demo shows the use of a nib file converted to CPLAT xml for use with the CPLAT framework. In order to use a UI created with a nib, you will need to conver the nib file to a form of XML that can be used by the CPLAT framework. There are 2 tools supplied with the CPLAT framework that will do this for you. The NibToXML tool converts the nib to CPLAT xml, and the XMLToRes tool converts the previously converted xml to a resource format that is loadable by the CPLAT framework.

In this first screen shot we can see the nib loaded into Apples Interface Builder application.


In this next one, the window has been created and is running in a CPLAT application under MacOSX.


And the next screen shows the window running under Windows 2000.


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