Announcing FontCat 5.2.3
Font viewing and cataloging made easy
FontCat makes it easy to view and print font catalogs / specimen sheets without having to install the fonts. FontCat includes a separate print layout editor where you can design your own specimen sheets or use one of the supplied layouts to print out font sample sheets or entire font catalogs.

You can create custom layouts to print font specimen sheets, print to PDF files or image files for viewing or sending to clients.

12/4/08 -
Fixed issue with printing single layouts.
2/14/09 - Font Cat 5.1
Updated documentation in User Guide.
Fixed issue with printing all faces in some layouts.
3/6/09 - Font Cat 5.2
Fixed potential crashing issue on startup.
3/17/09 - Font Cat 5.2.1
Fixed issues with some layouts not honoring the not use actual font flag.
1/6/11 - Font Cat 5.2.2
Fixed minor layout printing issue.
6/23/12 - Font Cat 5.2.3
Fixed Lion issue with finding fonts.

Requires MaxOSX 10.6 (Intel only) and above.


This is the main font listing window. It is divided into 3 sections:

  • Font Sets
  • Fonts in Set
  • Faces in font.
This is the grid panel of the font properties window. In this view you can view all characters contained in the selected font. There are also views for:
  • Font Info
  • Waterfall
  • Grid
  • Tryout
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